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  • What is the three-dimensional vegetable field?

    The three-dimensional vegetable plot is to use the vegetable between the two vegetable fields to build the climbing vegetables and use the passage.

  • How can I ensure that no pesticides are applied?

    We use seasonal vegetables grown in the season and try not to plant them in the same season.

  • How can I make sure that the vegetables I grow are organic vegetables?

    We mainly promote the cultivation of organic vegetables. The soil and fertilizers are all a mixture of improved organic matter.

  • Cultivation techniques of winter pepper

    1. Variety selection: It is advisable to select varieties with strong plant growth, disease resistance and high yield.

  • How to graft the zucchini

    The planting of zucchini is susceptible to blight in successive years, and the grafting can prevent the occurrence of zucchini wilt

  • Celery fertilization points

    I. Seedling Fertilizer: Celery cultivated in protected areas is generally cultivated and then planted. The preparation of nutrient soil can be referred to the nutrient soil preparation method of tomato

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