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Jianshan Wang:

  President Wang Jianshan is a practical entrepreneur who has abundant enterprise management experience and excellent enterprise operation and decision-making capability. He is a rational man particular about personality, morality and value. Independently establishing Xinghua Luhe Foods Co., Ltd, he realizes the company’s great-leap-forward development through the advance and innovation of science and technology. The company has become the leader of 128 dehydrated vegetable manufacturers in Xinghua City. In 2007, its sales revenue reached 105 million RMB and profit and tax 11.83 million RMB.
Personal Honor:vice president of Xinghua City Dehydrated Vegetable Trade Society, supervisor of Jiangsu Xinghua Rural Cooperative Bank, deputy to the Third People’s Congress of Taizhou City, and Technological Innovation Contribution Prize in Taizhou.