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  Yingxian Luhe Foods Co., Ltd.
  Yingxian Luhe Foods Co., Ltd. is located in Yingxian, Suzhou, the hometown of the world famous millennium wooden pagoda in the north of Shanxi Province, adjacent to Wutai Mountain in the South, Dayun Highway in the west and Datong City in the north, 200 km away from Taiyuan Airport and 400 km from Beijing Capital Airport. The climate is agreeable, with the average temperature between 10C-25C in summer, and mild temperature difference between days and nights. As a result, the farm products represent thick and fresh textures, and large varieties and quantity. The main products include string bean, carrot, green pepper, red pepper, potato, pumpkin, and so on. Summer season is the advantageous season for producing local agricultural sideline products.